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Camp Knives

Specifically designed for survival in the woods

In modern times knives are more of a tool than a weapon. My knives are specifically designed to be multi purpose and durable for any adventure situation.

My main design goal is to be the ideal length for batoning, cooking and chopping. I integrate a bow drill divot into the handle and a bottle opener in the heel. Three feet of para-cord are braided onto the end for emergency use. 

There are options when choosing the blade and handle material, and each knife is made custom and is accompanied by a durable sheath

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Jordan Kepler 

Lost Sasquatch is a knife maker, adventure photographer, videographer, and land conservationist. The brand was born in 2018 after years of exploring and expanding my love of capturing beautiful places in unique ways. Now working alongside large and small companies I've been planning environmental clean up events, selling photo prints and maintaining a youtube channel. 

"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks."

-John Muir

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